Due to a bit of a mad scramble last year for Record Store Day, we intend to organise things differently ths year.

People queueing will be allowed into the shop at 8am and be encouraged to line up in the order they queued outside, down one side of the shop, potentially looping round to the other side depending on numbers. We will have four staff serving, and four people at the browser at a time. Once one person moves to the counter to be served their place can be taken by the next in the queue. We allow one of any item per person, but no upper limit of unique items. We hope this will give us opportunity to replenish the stock in the browser in between serving people. I hope you will all find that a fair and reasonable way to do it.

The Record Store Day 2019 list has dropped! You can find a full list of everything that's getting released on the official External link opens in new tab or windowRSD website.

We've added a tab to the menu for the stock we've ordered for RSD19 so far, in time we will add prices and details of what we have received and is ready for sale.

We will be keeping on top of everything this year, hopefully! Over the next couple of weeks we'll be keeping our 'RSD19 Stock' up to date with everything we've ordered, and will have available on the 13th. On the day we'll be keeping on top of the items we're sold out of too. After a week we're able to take mail orders for any items left over.

There are rules regarding Record Store Day. We can't save anything, or take deposits etc. But that's not what it's about, it's something for music fans to look forward to.

We'll be here bright and early at 8am on the 13th April, we hope you are too!

We've got a link to our Facebook activity on our menu, please flick over to that for regular updates or simply 'Like' and follow us on Facebook. Please feel free to send requests and ask questions, that's what we're here for! You can ring or
email too and we're now on Twitter at @HWatsonLtd as well.

The website is a work in progress and we're hoping to keep adding information and features when we get chance. We're a small team and we try our best, and we sincerely appreciate everybody's support not only on Record Store Day but for the whole year.

We're really easy to find, just at the top of 'Chip Pan Alley'. Jump straight off the train or coach and call in, we're on the way to all the attractions so why not pop in? There's all day parking available in the cricket ground behind us too. Call in, have a browse you'll be surprised at the treasures you can find at Herrick Watson's.